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not normal or turbo. is hyper-turbo. fast and furious game, no time to spend so much time to commit. hope my form will contiunes..

its 1.07am now.. when i am writing this entry, you should know that i couldnt get to sleep. 😦

honestly,  i already foresee the outcome for tonight. i still remember  same scenario happened before, the most recent was the night before my first day of in camp training. similar thing happened  when i joined ntu. when i am on the bed, i really feel very alert although my mind never really think what will happen for my first day of work.

this time round, i really took alot of preventive measure prevent similar scenario happen again. preventive measures such as try not to take a nap, avoid tea/coffee in the evening or night, trying to do some workout to exhaust myself. i even plan to go for a jog but due to wet weather, i dropped the idea of jogging. you see.. so much preventive measures already taken end up same thing happened again. as usual, i switch on my laptop and  surf those boring website  trying to make myself feel more sleepy. sounds very silly and stupid right?

since i so awake now, i try to sum up my feelings since i tender my resignation on aug 17. before i tender, i informed to my direct boss that i will be tendering anytime as i have already accepted the offer from other company. we talked alot in his room and he already expected i will resign anytime since i already been working for 4 years in sci.  the 2 main reasons i leaving will be pay increment and the career advancement.

during my one month notice passes really very fast. i have 4.5 days of leave left after pro-rated, i could take almost a week break before i move to the new place. but in the end i only took 1 day because i plan to use it for mymedical  checkup and the rest will be en-cash it.  i actually looking forward to go to work everyday. in fact, it became tgim for every monday and no more tgif for me because it became friday blues especially for the last friday. sounds very silly right? i really try to cherish every single day in sci  although the workload became more heavier during my final 1 month. other than handover my duties to my colleagues, i was assigned to do a new initiative on newsletter for IT dept.  i did not managed to complete the task but i can say 98% done before it  launch our very first issue. all the issues has been solved, just some content for one of the page not yet done.

its 1.36 am now.. feeling abit sleepy now,  should be able to get to sleep now. shall contiune again soon. good night!

after 4 years, i officially leave SCI on 16 sept 2011.  these 4 years is a truly memorable experience. all the colleagues are nice and wonderful, these memories always remain in my heart.

a brand new chapter going to begins..